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Lydia / Cosmetology Program

“Bellus Academy provided a positive learning experience for me and helped me start my career. I got a great opportunity to enter the national SASC contest, which has helped further my career.

I love what I do! I got to do an externship program, and I am now working in San Diego’s best hair salon, Jet Rhys! I am so excited about my future and what’s to come.”

Brianne / Esthetics Program

“This school is top notch and has been a blessing. I am starting off on the right foot in my esthetics career and I owe it all to Bellus Academy!”

Baylea / Nail Technology/Spa Nails

“My overall experience at Bellus Academy has been overwhelming in a great way. I have made so many new friends that will help me stay connected after I graduate as well as connecting professionally with all of my educators.

The culture of this school is fun, exciting and full of opportunity and support. I could not believe all of the nail modalities I learned while in school. I feel confident I can walk into any salon and spa and be successful.”

Karisa / Cosmetology

“Being a military wife, I needed to pursue a career that I could take with me wherever I am. I am confident in my education enough to walk into any salon in America and know what’s expected of me.”

Anna / Make-up Artistry

“I have been wearing makeup my whole life so I had a great interest in makeup artistry in the professional world. I wanted to know the behind-the-scenes knowledge so I could be professionally trained with the best education.

The culture at the school is one that is so inviting, supporting and energizing.I was amazed at the quality of the makeup and to finally get my hands on it was a thrill for me.”

Kristee / Cosmetology

“I was already sold on Bellus Academy and knew it was the place for me, but I wanted feel out my options. After a few disappointing appointments at surrounding schools, I knew that Bellus was the best, no contest.

I was so excited to go to school every day because I was offered so many opportunities that helped me experience the details of the cosmetology world that I had always wanted.”

Teresa / Esthetics

“If you’re passionate about skin and working closely with people, I highly recommend that you tour the Bellus Academy facility and look at their esthetics program.”

Bailey / Make-up Artistry

“The moment I stepped through these doors and realized I could use a human being as my canvas and create art with hair and make-up, I was hooked and fell in love with the industry.”

Kayla / Esthetics

“Looking around at other schools, Bellus Academy is the only one that stood out. The teachers are the most wonderful educators I have ever worked with. My classmates have quickly turned into family members. I absolutely love this school and would recommend it to anyone.”

Donna / Esthetics

Never in a million years did I think I’d be able to have my own business. Bellus gave me that inner strength. I now make my own schedule and with my husband in the military, I can take my job anywhere!

Andrea / Cosmetology

Bellus Academy opened many doors for me. The education gave me the knowledge and understanding I needed to have a foundation to learn more about starting my career.

Johnny / Barbering

As a cosmo crossover, the Barbering Program was not only an excellent way to brush up on the basics, but also the best way to take my career to the next level. The staff was so helpful in every aspect and I highly recommend the program.

Jessica / Make-Up

“The program and educators in Make-up Artistry are exceptional. The curriculum was so well designed that each day I couldn’t wait to get to school and begin the next step in learning high-end makeup.

I feel very comfortable after taking this class to apply for a job anywhere in makeup, including a Hollywood studio, theater, photography or in a high-end salon and spa.”

Kelsey / Nails

“I love how hands-on the nail program is at Bellus. I am a visual and hands-on learner and I appreciated the time and focus on my advancement throughout the program.

I would definitely recommend Bellus Academy to anyone interested in beauty and wellness education, especially the nail program!”

Jonyse / Esthetics

My life has changed so much. Within eight months of graduating, I now own a successful wax bar. I am forever grateful for the great education I received at Bellus Academy.

Adrianna / Cosmetology

The teachers were amazing! Without Bellus, I wouldn’t have the rewarding life I have today. School was something I looked forward to every single day. I can’t believe I have a job that I love going to every day.;

Christene C. / New York

Just wanted to say Thank you for sharing your videos, 25 years behind the chair it's nice to come back to basics. The busy salon world in NY had me becoming lazy and taking short cuts.

This was just what the "Dr. Ordered." Your videos are articulated beautifully. I'm excited to share them with my staff . Thank you again.

Brenda H. / Washington

I cant believe it, finally REAL education. I am so in awe. OMG, I came out of a (different) cosmo school 100% unemployable — I am not exaggerating and I am a GOOD employee with a track record. I couldn’t even follow a guide.

I BEGGED for help in school, I bought hundreds of dollars in videos & mannequins. The videos were more on advanced techniques, which are helpful NOW, but i couldn't get anyone to stand with me and show me the fundamentals that I was screwing up!

20K and I couldn’t even do a layered haircut. ONE WEEK on this sight was more than I got in a year & half of school. I knew it wasn't rocket science, I just cant figure out some stuff without having it pointed out.

I mean, THAT IS why they call it school, right? Wouldn't you think that just ONE of the tips nick gives would at least be mentioned at ‘school’?

I’m dumbfounded, for just a few measly bucks, I have finally FINALLY gotten the education I needed. OMG, if I could Nick Berardi, I’d hug ya till your head popped off. LOL! Ok seriously, you changed my whole career and this new Q&A video is the bomb.

The other thing I truly appreciate is not having irritating music playing all through the videos, I want to hear Nick talk, I wanna hear anything he has to say that will make me think.

Tomas D. / California

The last 6-Month have been an absolute blessing to me. It all started with followed by a hands on Workshop with Nick Berardi which has opened doors and given me great direction - already 36 yrs in the business.

I was introduced to Mike Varela in one of Nicks videos. To find myself spending 4-day’s with Mike Varela The Kingly Group” (and many more to come). What an incredible journey so far... I Love theses guys!

Chuck P. / Alabama

This site was a game changer for me, I have been glued to my computer. I always wanted and needed the education but didn’t have the money to pay for it and was never taught the foundation in school.

I have been working in a salon off and on since 1995. Now, after learning the proper techniques my work is looking better every day. Thank you Nick for sharing your gift with the world.

Lynda M. / Ohio

I’ve been in the business for around 25 years and I will admit that I never fully mastered a lot of techniques, nor did I understand a lot of them.

Being a member has helped me to understand better through up close videos with more detailed instruction on just BASIC knowledge. Those are the skills that have helped me become a better hairdresser. Thank you.

 Patty D. / Missouri

Nick, your training helped me as a new stylist in many ways. I understood why and how not to make many beginner mistakes. I use many of your techniques for finishing that make me less timid with the scissors!

You gave me the basics and more; with three and a half years in the business now I feel some of my skills are beyond my years because of your training.

Sue S / Illinois

Thank you so much Nick and company!!!  I see that you are a very gifted teacher who desires  students to become better then yourself.  That's the sign of a great teacher.  I've been a stylist for 30 years and have had many, many classes.

Now I feel like I Am enrolled in a high-end hair styling academy.  Ive only watched about 10 or so seminars and already my salon cuts and colors are more polished and workable.  I'm so grateful to you and your website.

Aaron K. / Michigan

I have been a member for a few months. This is so worth the money. Nicks online programs are incredible. Some of the best education videos I have ever watched. He and his team break it down, clean, clear and precise!

Kim K. / Florida

I am happy I found Nickeducation. I have done hair for 30 yrs here in Florida. I have been in the same salon for most of those years. Everything in this area is basic and dull and I fell into that hole.

I left the business for 4 yrs due to  personal issues and I am trying again to build a clientele from the bottom. Thanks to Nicked I am learning things I never knew.

I wish I had the resources to go back to school and unlearn some of the things I know and learn new. I don't, so this works for me. Thank you all for your contribution to the industry and individuals such as myself. Truly, Kim

Chris J. / Texas

This is my 18th year absolutely loving this industry. I was Sassoon educated back in 1996 but just in the last year (since finding NickEducation) I feel like I’m learning to cut hair on a whole new level. I’ve watched all of the videos MULTIPLE times and even changed my teaching techniques due to the site.

Stephanie C. / Maryland

I love the elaborate amount of detail nick gives in all the tutorials- it is much better than my hair school education from Paul Mitchell. Thank you for providing such awesome education at an affordable cost!

Michelle B. / Canada

Nick Education is pretty awesome. I love Nick’s thoroughness and easy way of explaining things. I started watching Nick’s videos before going to hair school, and I definitely have learned things from him that they didn’t teach me there!

Realizing this is a creative industry built upon foundation techniques and classic work, I like that Nick, (and guest educators) bring it back to that, as a reminder to get organized…before you get creative

Sherri R. / Maryland

Stellar services. I offer your education as part of a comprehensive, continuing education option for my young stylists as well as experienced stylists. I love how each section is broken down, very easy to watch.

Jon C. / Manhattan

The quality of my stylists work is a direct reflection on my salons reputation which is why I expect each of them to take responsibility for their education and learn at least five of Nick’s foundation cutting seminars (to start with) before I can invite them onto my floor and share in my hard earned clientele.

Liliana A. / California

Nick-education has been providing more than excellent education to me. I LOVE the fact that Nick seminars has all kinds of levels when it comes to learn the basics techniques for strong foundation in haircutting, or to be creative with color techniques.

The videos are amazing, for sure I am watching them over and over. I know I will take care of my future clients with confidence and knowledge. BIG THANKS TO THE MASTER!

Isabella G. / Canada

I have been working part time as a stylist on my own for the past 6 years. Discovered Nick Education AFTER I graduated hair school and must say I have learned more about cutting on this site as I did at school.

Although I visit this site less often than before I still refer to it from time to time when I feel the need to brush up and learn new things. Nick Education has been an invaluable tool. Thank you Nick.

Yolanda M. / Canada

I like to watch these videos, Nick is always emphasizing the finger positions which is absolutely important and what i like the most is I really can see very well the whole work in different angles because these videos are taken very well.

Thank you I have learned a lot because I practice after watching a video with my dolly and put in practice with clients as soon as I can and the best part is that my co-worker are learning from me even though they have years of experience in the industry. Your education is absolutely worthy every single penny, time and energy. Thank you, thank you…

Alicia F. / Chicago

For less than it costs me to send one of my staff to a hands-on workshop for a day or two, they now have access to solid online education for an entire year which has dramatically improved all of our skills. Besides how important is a meaningless certificate and how much can you really learn in a day or two!

Marney B. / North Carolina

The talent of the educators is clearly of a very high standard. I have really learned a lot from watching. The instruction is clear and easy to understand. I am so happy to have access to this level of instruction.

Donna D. / New Jersey

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say that Nick is the best hair cutter I have ever seen, love his work and technique, just plain genius.

I have been in the hair business for twenty two years and I have seen many talents, but Nick is by far the best I have seen. Thanks for sharing your God given talent.

Darren B. / New York

As a new comer in this industry I have been struggling to find a “Mentor”. I have been jumping from salon to salon in frustration because no one would take the time to teach me the fundamentals.

I am blessed to have found you, you don’t know how much you mean not only to me but a lot of new comers in this industry who love doing hair and are very passionate about this industry but lack the support we need. Keep inspiring us!!!!

Diana B. / California

I have been a stylist and salon owner for more than 20 years and have NEVER come across on-line education this brilliant! I love the way Nick explains things!

I watch a video every couple of days, keeping in mind which clients are coming in and seeing how I can use one of his cuts or pieces of it for certain clients. So far, it’s worked out great! Lots of positive comments like “this is my favorite cut”, etc.

Ally F. / United Kingdom

I am a HUGE fan of Nick and the way he teaches. I’ve learned more from him than during my six months at Paul Mitchell and my week at Vidal Sassoon combined. And for a FRACTION of what that cost me.

Stephanie / Canada

I am so very grateful for this site and the videos. I can already notice the difference it makes with my cuts in the salon. I guess it was in me all along, I just needed someone like nick to explain it. Thanks for the great site!

Lee B. / Georgia

I am so thankful to you Nick for providing online education to hairstylists. Your courses have changed my life. My haircuts look a million times better. Nick, you are the best educator I have had and I have had many. You explain every haircut with great detail and you make it so easy to understand.

I could not figure out for the life of me why my haircuts looked so bulky on the sides and flat at the round of the head and your box layering techniques was the missing key all these years. WOW!!!

For the first time today my long time client looked in the mirror with such delight as if I had cut her hair for the first time. I felt empowered. I feel smarter and more confident. I can never thank you enough. I owe homage to you!

Leslie M. / Arizona

Hi Nick. I just want to say that I am so pleased with your site! I am AMAZED that you A GIANT IN THE INDUSTRY takes the time to answer all of our questions and you are just an amazing educator. I just need to let you know.

What I like so much is that you are accessible and you demystify our craft.

I find that I do have talent and promise but am often simply stifled by fear and lack confidence because I am afraid of making mistakes.

You remain lighthearted and encourage us to have fun and go for it, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. WE LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING…

Michael S. / Florida

Nick, I’ve been a member for approx 1 month and just wanted to let you know that I’m learning a great deal from your hair cutting video’s. My confidence as well as my ability to think “outside the box” when approaching a cut is dramatically improving. Thanks for a great site!

Kelly T. / British Columbia

Thank you for this great educational site Nick. I am just finished hair school and feel like I haven’t had the teaching I was looking for.

I came across your website and have become a member only a few days ago. I have learned more in your education videos, forum, basically your whole web site.

It was so nice to read some of your students comments about starting this wonderful career later in life. I am 46 and finally found my passion…..I sooooooo look forward to learning more on your website…. Thank you so much Nick.

Amelia H. / Georgia

Nick, thank you for! It has given me clear way to stay focused on what this industry can really do for the soul. Sounds deep but this site is changing my life.

I opened Tangerine Dream Salon/Gallery this past spring and have been trying to keep focused on the artistic aspect of precision cutting.

This site keeps me focused. You are doing more than you know for people who want to do quality work in an artistic environment. Keep it up! All the best!

Robin R. / Illinois

I really wanted to go through Sassoon’s school or training, but since I am self supporting, I could not afford to work for minimum wage while I studied with them, even though they told me I wouldn’t need the full two years that they require.

The precision cutting training that I really wanted seemed just beyond my grasp. When I found Mr. Berardi’s site, I about did a little dance I was so excited. For me, it is so motivating to watch and learn from these videos.

Telly K. / Canada

Just wanted to thank you for putting up such a great site. I live in Canada and had the opportunity to learn under one of your students, Gerard Scarpaci. I really enjoy how in depth you get in your videos. After 10 years of cutting it’s great to hear and see all the little details explained which I have a hard time getting the answers to.

Regina C. / Washington

I really LOVE the style of education that is presented here. This is a bit more informal to the typical Toni & Guy or Vidal Sassoon DVD, but it seems so much more personalized.

I feel that the basic composition of the cuts are demonstrated while not losing the personalization the model needed for her hair, as we all experience during each haircut.

V. Ventura / New Jersey

Nick, I’ve been a student of yours on this site since it’s inception. As a result I have grown so much as a hair cutter. My passion for hair cutting and integrity as a stylist has soared.

Thanks so much for all the knowledge you impart and the little tips that add up to a lot. You’ve helped to freshen up my career and give me greater clarity. Bravo, my friend!

Yuanita K. / Canada

Dear Nick I;ve been a stylist for over 18 years and now an owner of a small boutique chair rental salon. I've been a member of nick education for over a month now. I found your site on a random you tube search.

I feel compelled to tell you what a treasure this website is! For years my hair cutting education was scattered, mishapen and weak. Unfortunately lacking strong fundamentals (too many trendy techniques and flashy texturizing) without fully understanding form, angles and structure.

Much of my upbringing was trial and error, and fake it tip you make it. I find your videos thoroughly comprehensive, I feel so grateful to have found you and only wish I had 15 years ago. You would of saved me much frustration and the world a few really bad haircuts!

Your site is filling in the gaps in my education, and refining my work. I feel re-energized, more competent, and inspired. Thank you for creating this site.

Its simply marvelous, and far beyond anything my hair school and even post secondary cutting classes taught me  (we sadly don't have a Vidal Sassoon institute anywhere close by and ever since Aveda was sold the cutting education is seriously lacking up here in Edmonton Canada.)

As a side note I also really like that your videos are not flashy or contain loud trendy club music. pure education. Ahh so refreshing. Thank you. I'm looking forward to continuing my journey through the videos and learning and refining my skills. keep up the good work this industry so needs sites like the one you've created. well worth every penny Ive spent.

Gayle S. / Ohio

I just wanted to get back with you and let you know what a wonderful job you and the rest of the team are doing. Thanks for the awesome work – it is such a joy to see such professionalism these days. Oh – and Nick is wonderful!

You didn’t hear me say this – but with his wonderful instruction, I’m actually already starting to surpass some of my instructors’ skill levels with precision cutting, and am trying to find a way to suggest their subscribing to this site without hurting their feelings. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Older students who are getting ready to graduate are recommending me, and my clients are telling me that their hair has never been cut so nicely, even by our local professional salons! Wow – it truly is a testament to Nick’s teaching style and skill that I am picking up so much so quickly!

As one of the better instructors at school always says… “Perfect practice makes perfect. Go a bit slower to learn the skill level and increase speed through skill – not chopping at someone’s hair to get them in and out the door (as one of the other instructors suggested –

i.e. put the hair up in a ponytail over the head, cut in one chop – bingo – a graduated layered hair cut – not acceptable in my book!) – speed and precision come with time… and perfect practice.” Anyway, thanks, thanks, and thanks again! I will always highly recommend this site to anyone and everyone. Best,Gayle

Derron S. / Colorado

Nick, I wanted to say hello and offer my thanks for all the inspiration and knowledge you have passed on. Having only been in the real salon world for about 5 months, you have jump-started my enthusiasm to be the best cutter I can be. I appreciate the way you break everything down and how you strategically approach every haircut.

Since becoming a member of this site, I have been bringing home mannequins from our salon and practicing cuts and techniques that I have learned from you. I can watch the same video over and over and always pick up on something different and new that I maybe didn’t catch before.

I’m glad to know that there are other cutters out there who try and cut with as much precision and attention to detail as I try to do. I’m sure you hear it all the time but thanks so much for creating this site and letting us all inside the world of your techniques!

Louis N. / New Jersey

Definitely helping me to be more creative in the salon. It allows you to feed off of creative energy from outside the salon and step out of the box of the salon 24hrs a day. I have been a hair cutter for 40 yrs and still passionate to learn new techniques.

These videos are in more of a seminar format and easy to access key points of the haircut. Most useful tool of modern technology and very affordable. I refer all new stylist and students to Nick’s education. It’s awesome!

Tracey W. / Florida

As a former Sassoon guy myself now working in the “real world” I feel it way past due for someone with your background to step up and teach from purity, strict discipline and impeccable attention to detail. Thank you for that and no matter what medium you choose please keep it coming.

Paul A. / Canada

Love your work! I have had my own salon for over 10 yrs now and are always looking for more education so I was thrilled to find your site. I watched the short swing disconnect on Friday with a client in mind.

I have been disconnecting her hair but your way is simple, perfect, and effective. She came in today and WOW. . . great cut thanks to you! Keep up the great work I will be watching.

Vince V. / New Jersey

It is so nice to be able to do cuts at home and do it piece meal rather than all at one time. I love being able to absorb what I am doing and being taught slowly and I love the fact that yours comes out so genuinely. Thanks so much!

Robin R. / Illinois

This website is the best thing since baked bread! I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Berardi and his commitment to excellence in providing the best education available to stylists who really want to learn.

Whether you’re in school, right out of school, or you’ve been a stylist forever, you are only going to get better at your craft by applying what you’ll learn here. Honestly, I landed a job because of Mr. Berardi.

I had to do a haircut model for this salon owner as part of the interview process. I did the graduated bob that I learned from Mr. B., and the owner said, “Nice job, and that was not an easy haircut.” But you see, Mr. Berardi breaks it down for you in plain English, and keeps it real so you can get it. And that is education.

This morning I went to Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee before going to the salon. I ran into a girl who’s in school and fired up about becoming a stylist. I was all too happy to recommend to her, and told her it’s the best investment that she’ll make in her education. And so it is.

This is my all time favorite website to which I am totally addicted. If I want to watch a haircut a bizillion times, it’s ok. if I want to stay on the site for hours, I can. And I can drill these awesome techniques and haircuts into my brain, and take them right into the salon where they translate into happy clients.

Mr. Berardi, YOU are the BOMB! I am so glad that you implemented this idea!

Louis L. / the Netherlands

Keep going on this way and keep taking your time to explain all technical things and little things. Maybe it would be nice to do this also with color techniques. The technical explanation is very good because Nick takes time to explain things.

Dianna / Kentucky

I have just one thing to say, Nick is a jewel!!

Lafon B. / Texas

I love this idea of online education. I like to go to a lot of classes around the U. S and this makes it easy and convenient. You can replay the videos over and over if you forget the technique. I look forward to seeing new techniques and increasing my knowledge so I can pass it on to my clients. Thanks nick for what you are doing for us as stylists.
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